Tresa S.

From the first day we walked into the models at Crana, and we saw the Ballinary, we knew this was going to be the place we would build. After meeting with Frank, we felt that we were in good hands and making the right decision for our future. Carol was very helpful, especially since we had no idea what we were doing being first time home buyers. Due to circumstances beyond everyone’s control we needed to move the closing date from the end of the month to the middle of the month, and Frank went out of his way to make this happen. Crana got the job done and we brought our 3 year old and our 2 day old son home! We sold our home 6 years later and made $145,000. What a great investment we made!

David O.

Crana was very easy to deal with. They did everything I wanted. I added two rooms and another bathroom to my model, the Linsfort II. I changed the plan quite a bit and they were fine with everything. The home is spacious, and it flows nicely from the family room to the living room to the kitchen area.

The workmanship is very good. I watched it as it was being built; it was done efficiently and on time, but without sacrificing quality. I found them very flexible during the building process.

Conrad S.

Our house is very warm—a three-step brick ranch, with spacious rooms. We put a skylight in the kitchen, and it’s wonderful and brings in a lot of light. The family room adjoins the kitchen, and there’s a nice patio in the back.

Crana was very responsive to whatever we needed, and they completed everything we wanted. I like the way they painted the home and the materials they used. I’m quite happy with the house—it’s a beauty and well-insulated.

Nicole B.

We built a townhome with Crana first and really enjoyed their work, so when we decided to build a second time, we went with Crana again. We had the townhome for three years and then built the home about a year ago. Both have been great; we haven’t had any problems, and the sales people at Crana are very friendly and great with questions.

We called them nonstop during the process, and they were always really nice. The quality of our home is great. We choose to build the Cranna II, and we love everything–from its tall ceilings and the wide open feeling the home gives you the moment you walk through the door.

Charles K.

The whole building process was great. We’ve had no problems, both during construction and after. I love everything about the house, but especially the master bedroom and master bathroom. It’s a nice private space.

I also love the neighborhood. It’s great for the kids because there are so many other kids they can play with.

Tim C.

This is our second Crana built home. My in-laws built with Crana first and recommended them to us. We had such a good experience the first time, that we decided to use them again when we were ready for our next home. We just closed on our second home recently—I can recommend Crana because we’ve had two great building experiences with them!

Crana offers a good value—high quality at a reasonable cost. Frank and his staff were wonderful to work with. We made substantial changes to our model, and the were very accommodating.

Sandy C.

We’ve been really happy with Crana Builders and our home, the Cranna II. Crana offers a lot of flexibility. They were great to work with and made all our changes. This is as close as you can get to a custom home without doing it all yourself.

I made a lot of changes to the first floor and I moved the laundry room to the basement. I had a vision of the things I wanted to see in the home and they helped pull it off.

We’d been in house about 4 and a half years when we had a fire. I had no idea what to do. I made a call to Crana to ask basic questions, like “What color is my roof?” and to find out who the manufacturer was. They sent their building crew over and offered to help reconstruct the home. The actual crew that built the house was there to rebuild it! That saved a lot of time, and we moved back within a week of the fire.

Crana Testimonial Submission

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Building Relationships

Frank Bradley builds homes that stand the test of time. He also builds relationships with his customers because he believes that listening to them creates a bond that lasts long after their home is built. “I feel I could stop by anytime with any of my customers and have a cup of coffee,” he said. “My greatest satisfaction has always come from seeing so many families enjoying their new homes in one of the communities I created.”